How to Design Good Landing Pages [Landing Page Design]

How to Design Good Landing Pages

How to Design Good Landing Pages [Landing Page Design]

Summary: First part of an article where we will explain some of the factors and considerations that we must take into account when designing our landing pages.

A landing page is a term used in Internet marketing to define the space used to display the information that the user needs to see and analyze immediately after accessing a website through a link, advertisement or text. located on another Internet page.

The design of these pages usually takes high relevance, because they are commonly used as a reception for those users who enter our site in search of more information about what we promote and advertise in other places. That is, if we do not give a good reception, with adequate and well-positioned information, it is very likely that the user loses interest quickly and leaves the site.

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It is very important to know how to create an effective landing page, as this can greatly increase the number of visitors that perform an activity that produces revenue for the site. In this article, we are going to talk about the factors and considerations that we must take into account, in order to make a better design of landing pages.

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1 What is a landing page
2 Reasons to create a landing page
3 How to achieve an effective design on our landing page?
3.1 Encourage action
3.2 Header
3.3 Simplicity
3.4 Correct flow of content
3.5 It offers security
3.6 Add elements that give confidence
4 [Infographics] Anatomy of a perfect landing page design
5 Conclusions

What is a landing page

A landing page can have several definitions, depending on the point of view where it is analyzed. For example, for a web developer, the concept of landing page may seem more technical than marketing, since for him it is simply a web page, which will have basic elements of content such as images, videos, text, among others, and For proper deployment you must make an appropriate structure using the necessary HTML, CSS, and scripts.

On the other hand, for an entrepreneur, a landing page represents a request to users to perform a specific task, such as purchasing a product or subscribing to a newsletter. Therefore for the entrepreneur, the landing pages are a fundamental point in the structure of the website, since it is where they consider they start to harvest an income.

For its part, for the user, this page is the one that is presented when you click on a link that appeared on another site, either through a Google search, a tweet, banner, ad or even articles.

Reasons to create a landing page

Popularly, there are five reasons for being able to make a landing page. When a site is in need of achieving some of these tasks, it usually resorts to a landing page:

  • Getting people to sign up for the site, either by creating an account or adding their email to receive notifications.
  • Sell a specific product for a special situation, such as a sale or a seasonal promotion.
  • Recruit external staff, creating a point of reference for people looking for work in activities related to your page.
  • Promote the download and installation of some software, plugin or application developed by the programmers of the site.
  • Give an overview of the content that is displayed throughout the site.

How to achieve an effective design on our landing page?

It is time to talk about the important factors and components that must be sought to achieve an effective design within our landing page.

It is common, for ease or simply comfort, the designer seeks to implement components similar to those observed in other websites, and often end up making a carbon copy of what has been found. It is important to emphasize that not all the landing pages should look the same, their objective will vary their content, but there will always be a backbone that we must structure to obtain a good result.

Encourage action

First of all, our page should encourage action, as we said the landing page is created in order to achieve some task, therefore must meet that main objective and this will be achieved by inducing the user to take action. The page must persuade some type of transaction, if we look for the user to register on our site we must establish what is necessary to perform the specific action, such as a simple form or button establish what is necessary for the user to take action.

To achieve this we must try to comply with the following:

  • Show the content in a clear and direct way, we must indicate with precision the action that the user must take and what is the result that will be obtained.
  • Focus the user’s attention on the main action, try to keep few actions on the same page
  • It uses user interaction, making use of elements that record events triggered by it, like a click. If, for example, you use buttons, the user will immediately know that you expect their participation.
  • It has complementary information and support within the page, this will motivate the user to perform the action you are looking for, as it will have the basis of what you are offering.


An effective landing page should have a relentless header, this should be short, effective and engaging, as this element gives the visitor an understanding that he is in the right place, and at the same time is responsible for sending the main message, establishing what is what you get if you continue on the landing page.

When we elaborate on the headline or title of our page, we must consider if it is interesting enough to keep the visitors that have just entered our site. In order to achieve an adequate header, you can choose to follow these tips:

  • Maintaining a short and direct text, so as not to waste the user’s time, gives a quick idea of what they can achieve if they stay and use what is shown on the page.
  • Give a design that attracts the attention of the visitor, uses large font sizes, appropriate colors and if necessary some kind of effect such as shadows, always remember to place it at the top of the page, where the user expects to see it.
  • Consider the use of relevant keywords and phrases, try to put words that a user would regularly enter in a search engine. Even if you use header-type elements (h1, h2, h3, etc.) it will be easier to index for search engines.


The landing pages should be simple and present the information in the most simple and concise way possible because if we make a very complex page the visitor can be discouraged to remain in it. The more complex a landing page, the less chance that casual users perform the action we want to see them, is why the message should be clear and only include the essential elements.

Each element of the page should encourage the user to take the desired action and use the means you are providing for it if we use a minimalist design or make use of reductionism, the user will not be confused by unnecessary elements and will focus their attention on the important thing

Try to handle only one main action and focus the design to its correct deployment, if necessary you can use additional calls, but these should reinforce the call to the main action. You must use the blank space in your favor, in case there are many elements in one place, try not to be too tight, so you visually invite the visitor to click.

The correct flow of content

To ensure that the visitor will receive all the necessary information in an adequate manner, which will help him or she makes a decision and lead to the desired action, the flow of the content must be well thought out. A good flow makes the consumption of information understood more quickly, so we must order the components of the page in a visually hierarchical manner.

In a complementary way, you can use arrows, icons or images that help to direct the eyes of the users towards a specific area of the website. High-contrast colors can also be used to show the important components, if an element has a brighter color than the surrounding elements, it is very likely to attract the user’s attention.

It offers security

For obvious reasons, there are few or no users who like to take risks on the Internet, so it is necessary that you include on your landing page, some means to guarantee the user that the action you are doing is safe and does not lead I get some kind of risk. For example, if you want the user to buy any of the products that you promote, consider adding some kind of method of returning your money in case you are not satisfied with the purchase, in that way the user will feel more protected.

We must try to anticipate any concerns that the user may have an address this situation. It is very likely that before making any decision, users need to know more about what continues to such action, so it would be important to give some kind of explanation, even if it is concise, where issues such as cost, time and process security.

If it is possible and the orientation of the page facilitates it, you can choose to give a trial version of what is being promoted. For example, if the goal of the page is for users to sign up to receive a newsletter, you can send a welcome version to your email so that they know the format and the type of information it will contain.

Add elements that give confidence

There are many ways to give users a security, that at the time of performing the actions you ask, you will get a true result and your information will not be used for other purposes or fall into the wrong hands. One of those ways is to add elements that fulfill the function of providing confidence, with this we refer to objects such as user counters that currently make use of your product, references, and comments about your product in a reputable medium, such as newspapers, magazines or web pages of criticism.

You can also choose to place boxes where the opinion of certain users already registered or who already purchased your product is shown. And as an extra touch add some privacy certificate, which allows the user to feel safe when sharing information.

These elements should be placed as close as possible to the fields used to carry out the desired action. The information that we show in these elements has to be totally true, to publish false testimonies or to use accounts of invented social networks, it will only bring you more problems.

[Infographics] Anatomy of a perfect landing page
This infographic about the landing page, you can find it in Formstack, that apart from offering contact forms for our web pages, from time to time they take out this type of useful resources.

Basically, and for those who do not understand English well:

  • They emphasize the importance of having a very visible, attractive title (that invites to take a look at the rest of the landing page) and consistent with the announcement from where the user comes.
  • Have an impeccable script and writing to maximize the confidence in the product or service that is offered.
  • In relation to the above, strengthen the confidence indicators to the maximum. For example, adding textures (real please), guarantees when buying, mentions in media, security certificates …
  • Use a powerful call to action. Choosing carefully the expressions used (free, now, new … the use of one or the other can mean substantial variations in the conversions). They suggest us that orange or yellow colors are suitable for this type of elements. Here it is very good to take a new look at the color infographics (at the end of the article).
  • If there is navigation, it should be in a clearly visible place on the page and be clear.
  • Use videos or images that reinforce the message and the confidence of the user. Videos of testimonials, the creator of the product, images of the product, etc.
  • Crucial: all the important content above the fold (the area of the page visible without scrolling). Above all, special attention to calls to action, always above the fold!
  • Finally, test testing and testing …


The design of the landing pages is crucial to be able to impact on the users that quickly take a look at our site. Following the steps mentioned in this article, you can guarantee an informative page, concise and inspiring confidence, what is necessary for a user to become a customer with just a glance.

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