What’s the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Squeeze Page?

Whats the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Squeeze Page

What’s the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Squeeze Page?

Ever wondered what is the difference between a landing page and a squeeze page? They are (actually) two (2) distinct things.

Genuine, any page a guest ‘lands’ on is a landing page design, yet in this specific case, we will regard them as two separate things.

A Landing Page

A landing page is any page that is a passage point into your site.


There is a wide range of ways that a customer can discover you… and it isn’t really through your landing page.

A noteworthy mix-up that the two customers and website specialists make is accepting that everybody will enter a webpage first through the landing page, and after that begin exploring from that point to different parts of the webpage.

Accordingly, they put route components on a landing page that are not noticeable (or as obvious) on key inward pages. (In any case, that is another story and will be shrouded in another inquiry.)

So any page a guest initially gets to your site on is a landing page.

And it should be very clear about what action you want the visitor to take…

  • Sign up for something (newsletter, whitepaper, etc.)
  • Buy something
  • Share something (like an article or offer with a friend via email or social media)
  • Give you feedback (comment, send you an email etc.)

Landing-Page example

What is a Home Page

You probably know what this one is already. The Home page of your website is the one visitors land on when they type in your URL or search in google.

Some types www.yourwebsite.com into their browser and press ENTER, they’re on the Home page of your website. It’s the main title page that usually provides visitors with an overview and main information of your business or product.

So What is a Squeeze Page or sales page?

Squeeze-Page example

A squeeze page can likewise be a landing page — if that is the main page a guest winds up on. I figure (better put) all squeeze pages could be points of arrival, yet not all landing pages are squeeze pages.

A squeeze page is a page that is intended to ‘squeeze’ data from a guest. Basically… it shields content from being gotten to UNTIL that guest give you what you need.

Example of a Squeeze Page

A page that offers a free video or free report — however just in the event that you round out a shape or accomplish something first (like Tweet, for example) — is a squeeze page.

A page that has the beginnings of offers pitch and after that holds back before conveying all the data you require, that is… until the point when you give your email address (or some other snippet of data) is another case of a squeeze page.

Example of a Landing Page:

Fast Way to Burn Fats Squeeze Page Design

How are Squeeze Pages Different from Landing Pages?

A landing page is an independent page that is made to satisfy a solitary change objective. landing page objectives can fluctuate; from digital book and whitepaper.

A squeeze page has one objective: Gather the guest’s name and email address. The offer on the squeeze page can differ from a digital book to a podcast to a white paper, yet the “ask” continues as before — gather the guest’s name and email address. Some squeeze pages can be points of arrival, however not all landing pages are squeeze pages since landing pages can have fluctuating objectives.

The lead catch shape on your landing page can be nitty gritty (contingent upon the item being advanced). Be that as it may, the frame on your squeeze page must be short and to the point on the grounds that your squeeze page’s transformation objective stays consistent.

Illustration: Squeeze Page versus landing page

How about we look at a landing page close by a squeeze page to feature the contrasts between these two sorts of pages.

Here is a landing page outline:

The landing page genuinely points by point since it clarifies how the item is utilized. It likewise gives a rundown of highlights to the item and closes with some social evidence at the base of the page.

As Squeeze has a navigate landing page, when you tap on the CTA catch this is the place it takes you:

squeeze sign-up-page

Why squeeze pages are essential?

When you have the contact points of interest of a guest, you can control the conversion with them, sending them exceptional offers and building a relationship. On the off chance that the guest ends up occupied by different things that you can do on the page, at that point they won’t enter their subtle elements, which means you can’t converse with them. Here are Essentials of a High Converting Landing Pages [Brief Guide].

On the off chance that you can’t converse with them, at that point there’s a high shot they’ll never be your client (since it’s anything but difficult to overlook you with such a large number of things going ahead throughout everyday life and business).

So a squeeze page enormously expands the possibility you’ll get the guest’s contact points of interest, along these lines intrinsically expanding the shot that the guest will be a client.

Squeeze Page

Landing Page

Has one transformation objective (catch email addresses)Can have numerous change objectives
Is, for the most part, a short frame pageCan be a long shape or short frame, contingent upon the offer
Incorporates a basic, short lead catch formCan have a definite frame if the item/benefit is entangled
Not really an independent page (can be available on a homepage)Always an independent page
Is trailed by welcome/thank you emailIsn’t generally straightforwardly took after by an appreciated email

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