How to Create an effective Landing Page Design? [Complete Guide]

Create an effective Landing Page Design

How to Create an effective Landing Page Design? [Complete Guide]

Many times we have heard about this term, but perhaps there are still those who do not know what a landing page is exactly, what is its usefulness and how its design should be.

Therefore, in this article, I want to talk to you about what this concept of web design is about, why we must take it into account and how its design or structure should be.

To design or create a landing page, several factors must be taken into account, but the first and foremost is to know how to show the benefits of what we offer to the user so that with one glance, one is captivated. Here is an Ultimate Guide of Creating an Effective Landing Page Design.

What is a landing page?

“A Landing Page (or landing page) is a website consisting of one page (ie, without all the internal functions of traditional navigation), which aims to make a user client or lead through a specific marketing campaign.”

They are not pages with conventional navigation, because they are created with a very specific purpose, such as inviting the user to register to an event of digital marketing, purchasing a product from an online clothing store, hire a web design hotels or, simply, subscribe to a free newsletter.

The most difficult thing is, perhaps, not so much to learn how to create a landing page, but to achieve traffic of visitors who literally “land” on it.

So, what if we see what are the channels through which traffic is channeled to a landing page?

Source of user traffic that lands in a Landing Page

As I said, the concept of “landing page” translated into Spanish becomes “landing page” (or destination). That is to say, that by its own name we understand that it is a website where we will derive visitor traffic.
The navigators who land on a landing page, usually do so through a click on a banner or call to action button or call to action, subscription to a free newsletter, or access through a post on social networks (among others ).

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Here you have a visual representation of the 6 generic channels through which you can derive traffic to your landing page under a marketing strategy that will pursue a specific objective.

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Functions and benefits of creating a Landing Page

Therefore, we could say that one of the main functions of a landing page is to attract potential customers and attract them to new products and services.

But, beware, because remember that when we talk about “converting” a user into a “lead”, we can refer to any other objective, like any of the ones I mentioned before; get a subscription, get data through a form …

There are many studies that reflect that the brands and professionals that implement the design of landing pages in their marketing strategy, greatly increase their ability to get leads.

In addition to this one, creating a landing page implies many other advantages such as:

  • High ROI (return on investment), since it involves a lower cost than designing a traditional website and offers great results.
  • It is very visual and intuitive, so it offers a high usability and user experience.
  • It allows personalizing the marketing campaigns to achieve a better positioning, as well as to keep track of them.
  • Attracts a potentially interested audience through previously segmented campaigns.
  • It allows to clearly detail the characteristics of any product or service, which encourages the increase of income.
  • Its design is flexible and easy to adapt so that it can be reused in future campaigns.
  • Although it is not your goal, it allows promoting SEO positioning through the inclusion of keywords.
  • Now that you know what a landing page is and what are the advantages for your business or personal brand, it is time to see how to create it so that, always accompanied by a good marketing strategy, you can achieve your goals successfully.

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What is the Perfect Landing Page Design?

Some people still think that creating a landing page is complicated and expensive, but making good use of all the tools and templates that we have available on the Internet, you can create one effectively in a very short time.

Before creating a landing, we must bear in mind that not only the design is important, we must also consider the content of each of its parts, as well as the SEO Copywriting so that the message is effective and manages to impact.
Anatomy of the design of an effective landing page
The first thing you should consider is the time of your users; You know, time is money, and on the Internet … more!

A landing page, like any web, will have an elongated format, which will require scrolling (although it should not be excessive). Therefore, the “hook” content must appear in the first zone.

Let’s see the elements that should not be missing from your landing page so that it is perfect:

  • Holder with a hook: In the header will appear the name of brand or product, as well as the attractive holder that catches the user. Remember to use a consistent and readable typography, as well as keywords.
    An attractive “selling” image: It is the main image of the landing, so it must have an impact and have a clear relationship with the message that is to be transmitted.
  • Clear and concise data form: This is vital for the user to enter their data and then be able to analyze them.
  • Call to provocative action: Achieve a predefined goal, always accompanied by an action by the user, which must be shown through a clear and striking message that stands out from the rest.
  • Well-defined benefits: Remember that users do not usually stop to read everything, so highlighting the benefits of what is offered in the most visible area of the landing page will contribute to a better assimilation of the message.
  • A second opportunity: Designed to capture those more indecisive users, who stop to read everything a second time or look for more information. For them, a second content zone should be included to include more benefits and details.

On the other hand, especially if your landing page pursues the goal of selling, it is convenient to clarify in a next page scroll if you have secure rules for the entry of personal data or show as a reference testimony of clients with whom you work. Check our Weight Loss Landing Page Design for further inspiration and Example of a landing page.

Essentials of High Converting Landing Pages

Tools and templates to design a landing

Given its sections and elements, and for the restless ones that are already thinking about their next campaign and how to promote it through an attractive landing page, we go with some of the most used tools and templates to create it:

  • Instapage: This tool offers free templates and A / B tests, although it also has its own paid version with even more original templates. Creating a landing will be really easy for you by dragging or adding elements from the menu, and it is very easy to integrate with WordPress, so if you work with this CMS, extra benefit that you take.
  • Unbounce: It has a great variety of templates and tutorials to learn how to create landing pages from scratch, or modify existing ones. It allows adding interactive texts with varied plugins, so it could be considered a more advanced web design tool.
  • Visual Composer: It is a WordPress plugin that, although it is paid, is highly recommended because it is a very fast and effective tool thanks to its drag system that makes everything easier.
  • WordPress Templates: Finally, comment on the infinite possibilities offered by any of the WordPress templates, with which it is possible to select the most basic functionalities to mount a landing to a single page.
    If you want to make a landing page that really works and materializes tangible benefits, you must take into account (at least) all the points mentioned here.

As I always say, in the world of marketing, there are no mathematical rules. So bring your creativity will be necessary to print your stamp of quality and originality to the campaigns.

What about you? What tools and considerations do you recommend to create landing pages?

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