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What is a Landing Page?

“In online marketing, a landing page, sometimes known as a “lead capture page” or a “lander”, or a “destination page”, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a SEO search result or an online advertisement. Landing pages are usually linked to social media, e-mail campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns in order to improve the effectiveness of the advertisements.” Source: Wikipedia

landing page design servicesA Landing Page that will prove to be a Launching Pad for your Business

Got that perfect product that will rake in sales after sales, but don’t have a sales page to lure people into buying it?

Always wanted to launch your own affiliate marketing training course, but never knew how to go about a perfect squeeze page?

Been kicking it at freelancing and thinking to take the things to next level, but you don’t know how to set up the landing page of a services agency?

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Need not to worry about that anymore while you have the team of seasoned and expert graphic designers at your disposal. Ours is a robust team of freelancers and business solutions gurus who have been offering services like SEO optimization, graphics, digital marketing, coding, and front-end web development. No matter if it’s Real Estate Website Lead Conversion, Ebook, find partner, photography, video, Consultancy Firms or weight loss designs.

Before ever you think about trusting your business to your guts or to a graphics designer who prefers to live in template zone (read comfort zone), here is what you need to know the most!

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If your two-bit graphic designer does not understand the difference between a squeeze page and sales page, you better not give that money to charity!

We’re no bunch of copywriters with a “know it all” approach, but having designed scores of landing, squeeze and sales pages for our customers, we know how to design graphics that echo that call to action (CTA) and the purpose of every specific page.

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You don’t need all those hard-sell graphics that yap loud about what you do, in the case where all you need is a service landing page, and your squeeze page should be loud enough to get some credentials in a minute or so!

We know the tricks of the trade being the band of graphic designers who have designed, improved and delivered hundreds of affordable landing pages, squeeze pages and sales pages to blue chip companies as well as meek startups.

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Before you get skeptical of what we can do, here are the reasons why our responsive landing page design services steamroll those of our competitors:

  • Drastically reduces the bounce rate with purpose-driven and to the point graphics
  • Fully focused on one to one relationship with each individual visitor
  • Time-tested increase in sales, conversions, and lists
  • Boosts the quality of conversions and leads – provides you best leads magnet
  • Use of dynamic test on a WYSIWYG base
  • Unparalleled incorporation of the (CTA) call to action statement into graphics
  • Naturally smooth navigation that takes the reader from beginning to the end
  • Optimized and enhanced page speed because of image compression and similar techniques
  • Our design is cross-browser compatible and code validated
  • We offer design flexibility that lets our customers make the necessary changes to the design
  • Field Validation with Unlimited Revisions, Multimedia Integration & Life Time Support
  • Responsive to all sorts of screens and browsers
  • Diminishes the gap between your ad and your effective landing page

Your landing page is basically your virtual shop or office on the web and it can be anything but vague, unimpressive, unimaginative and a big failure!

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Our years of landing page design experience and exposure to hundreds of product and service-based businesses, allowed us to point out the factors that fail affiliate landing pages and sales pages.


Here are the factors that all your landing page and that we are determined to take care of while improving your irresponsive landing page to a responsive landing page, or while making new sales page for your product or service:

  • You spend your greens on traffic and send it to a page that is impossible to impress them.
  • You are trying to convert cat people by setting up a good landing page that looks more like a dog people page.
  • Poor navigation on your landing page either sends traffic to other pages or it loses interest.
  • Your landing page is neither optimized for speed nor it is a mobile-friendly page.
  • Your call to action button or lead generation form for collecting leads does not have appealing graphics, and viewers end up ignoring them.
  • The landing page example that you had in mind, does not correspond to your business type.
  • Your landing page is not conversion-oriented, but it is full of information that your customers do not need.
  • We allow multimedia integration with our design and using a grid-based system, we can apply multimedia anywhere on the entire page. The flexibility of the design lets you make changes and move media from one to another place.

What helps us beat our competitors 6 ways to Sunday is our approach to landing and squeeze pages. We devise a different strategy as per the nature of page and then we narrow it down to the nature of business (product/service), nature of the offer and the nature of the call to action statement!

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Here is how our process works:

  • You fill out the form and submit basic details e.g. nature of the page, nature of business and purpose etc.
  • Our representative gets in touch within 24 business hours and provides you a quote as per the details acquired from you now and then.
  • We always encourage our customers to provide us with maximum information about the task and this includes all questions, concerns, and queries as well as competitor samples.
  • We like to keep our job neat and clean, so we explain the services included in custom landing page design and in case a customer wants sales-copy as well, we offer them quote as per newly added items.
  • We ask for a brief time to prepare mockups and let customer share their views regarding the navigation and the composition of information. We go from one presentation style to another unless we win customer satisfaction.
  • Then we offer the final draft based on market analysis, customer research and our correspondence with the customer using AWeber, GetResponse and mailcheap.
  • This draft is still subject to editing and we offer a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee, which never fails.
  • We offer lifetime support even after you say “Yes” to our design.

Yet, beyond all this jugglery of design and craft, if we were to simply tell you why our services are up to the mark, the answer is “clean and simple design!”

A clean and simple design is all that you need in order to navigate a customer from the first image or sentence of sales page to the bottom of the sales funnel!

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Our tailored to perfection sales pages and landing pages are based on a very clear understanding of landing page design principles and a systemic approach that deals separately with all important parts of a landing page’s funnel.

Since navigation is of optimum importance, we believe in a separation of content sections, keeping in mind that such separation boosts the navigation as well as the aesthetic value of the page.

To the graphics experts and enthusiasts in our team, the merger of text and data visualization is a matter of deep interest. We believe that we can make information less boring and more entertaining by use of graphics, and that’s what we do our level best at NAME.

And yes, at this point, let us not underestimate the importance of a vocal color scheme! One that talks to the prospects soothe their nerves, makes them feel at home and eventually lures them into buying from you!

Our research and study of how and which colors affect human psychology help us choose the best color scheme for your particular landing page’s nature and its purpose!

Last but not the least, we are bent on social proof and we believe that social proof is one decisive factor between getting a conversion and losing it! It is not our job to provide a social proof, since you know your gig better than us and do it better than us, but we know better than the palms of our hands as to how to showcase this social proof, place it at a decisive moment and impact the psyche of your prospects.

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Sebeka Trueman – “I hired NAME for a redesign of my WordPress landing page after my previous designer failed to impress me and I am impressed by their level of execution of ideas and their overall exposure as landing page design agency. Totally satisfied!”

John Brown – “For my new Shopify venture I decided to promote one product and I needed a very product-focused landing page. A friend referred NAME to me and I let them design the landing page of my brilliant PL product. Needless to say that I recommend them 100% for their clarity of mind, knowledge behind the tools and for their no questions asked 100% guaranteed satisfaction.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will be the format of my landing page design?

We offer landing pages and squeeze pages in all major design tools and you can ask for a tool that your web developer or you feel easy with. These tools include, but are not limited to, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Qualaroo, Instapage, unbounce, Leadpages etc. Most of the times we advise customers to have RGB Adobe Photoshop file that can be sliced and coded into the landing page. Yet, we also offer PNG or JPEG files to let you open the page files and check them whenever and wherever you want.

2. What information and instructions I must have ready before contacting you guys?

Your landing page or squeeze page is mostly about 5 things: your business form, your basic product or service, your competitors’ samples, your competitive edge(s) and your call to action. A well-researched brief always helps your agency or freelancer to deliver better work; at least have these details and all your major questions and concerns ready when you contact us.

3. Is it okay to let my designer tweak with your design?

Yes, our design is 100% flexible and customizable. Yet, most of the guarantees that we offer will only remain valid as long as our design is not changed or the changes made by your designer are reversed. In case you like our work but you want to improve it, you have a free hand to tweak the page design and images.

4. Can I use my own images and graphics?

In case of certain graphics e.g. your logo, your banner, and other such items, we recommend you to send them to us for proper placement on your page, but you can always do that on your own and add other images/graphics too as long as they serve the purpose of the landing page. However, getting our advice on your own images will save you a lot of hassle.

So, don’t let your lack of design voodoo stay you away from turning ideas into greens! Try this agency of expert landing page designers and see how we prepare an absolute recipe of success for you!

Get in touch today, because every second you waste is a dime if not a dollar!

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