5 Kick-Ass Landing Page Design Secrets [The Pros Never Share]

landing page design secrets

5 Kick-Ass Landing Page Design Secrets [The Pros Never Share]

Landing Pages plays an important role in the world of digital marketing and web design, and not without reason. Sometimes, a small change or an incremental increase in the conversion rate of a page can amount to thousands of dollars earned in sales. And while you’ve probably heard a lot of tips about landing pages, we’re sure you have not read some of the lesser-known secrets that experienced professionals are using to achieve incredible results.

In general, the concept of landing page template optimization can be varied. A lot depends on your brand, the ways in which visitors are directed to the page, what you are offering and many other specific factors that can’t be listed in an article like this. On the other hand, there are some design secrets that many brands are using to promote the positive growth of their conversion rates.

Take a look at landing page design secrets to understand, if there are things you can do differently …

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Black and yellow

Unless it is one of the colors of your brand’s logo, it may be that you do not use the yellow color in the design of your website (e-commerce website). Yellow is not the most subtle color and does not always blend well with other colors. But this is the reason why this color is effective on the landing pages.

Yellow is used in caution signs and traffic lights. Well, it is associated with the “warning” and encourages people to examine their surroundings. This color seems young, optimistic, creative and striking. And when combined with the color black – as in this example landing page – yellow seems even more powerful.

Use the A / B test to test the effectiveness of the black and yellow design of your existing landing page. It is likely that this design change will increase your conversions.

Remove the navigation bar

The most important thing regarding the design of the landing page is to eliminate all distractions and attract the attention of visitors to the very specific call to action. Therefore, there is no sense in placing a navigation bar at the top of the page. The only purpose of the navigation bar is to direct people to other pages of the site. Do not you think there is a conflict of interest?

Human Faces

Images are important, but many sellers mistakenly think that it is literally any image. Well, they use stock photos. The problem is that these photos do not work. It is almost better not to use any image at all; We do not recommend using a stock photo of an unknown person that has nothing to do with the product or service you offer.

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What is the impact of replacing a stock photo with an adequate image? There is one company, Highrise, that increased its conversion rate by 102.5% after inserting a real image on your site.

Call to action

We can’t say that it is always possible to improve the conversion rate of a landing page by changing a single word, but this is still possible when it comes to the call to action word. What word is it about? From the word “Acquire / Buy”.

Forget about bad practices in terms of social networks. We all know very well that a set of social networking icons is an important component of any efficient landing page. The problem is that many entrepreneurs tend to use these practices without thinking much about what they do …

Essentials of High Converting Landing Pages

The most common example of a landing page that presents the buttons of social networks at the top. Although it works well in case you have a small Facebook logo that tells visitors that your page has been shared 12K times, it is a little less shocking if it has only been shared once or twice. In a situation like this, it is much better to eliminate this element completely.

If your conversion rate seems to be stuck, the idea of investing more time and energy in the optimization of the landing page probably does not excite you very much. But trust the experts, when they say that these design secrets can have a big impact (effective, powerful and creative designs). Try a couple of them from the above landing page design secrets at a time and examine the results. You can also check our Weight Loss Landing Page Design for further inspiration.

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