6 Tips for Building Landing Pages That Increase Your Sales

Tips to help you design landing page

6 Tips for Building Landing Pages That Increase Your Sales

Too much confusion being there about the “favorite” landing page conversion rate. In fact, a better conversion rate relies on an awesome deal on your aims, your target visitor, and your topic. We have a solution to your problem about how to build landing pages that convert.

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A detailed study found that,

  • 25% landing page designs converted less than 1%.
  • The top 25% of businesses converting at over 5%.
  • The top 10% business converting at the ratio of 11.31%.
  • The general average of converting was 2.35%.

Well, do not worry about the numbers. Keep focusing on the outcome that drives them.

The reason for a landing page is to guide visitors and use the captivating content to convert them into buyers. In most of the cases, visitors landed on the landing page after clicking to an advertisement on the internet, so make sure that it’s really stunning because it represents your business and your website as well.

Basically, you have to make it perfect, so must read these six tips on landing page design that really converts.

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1. Choose an Eye-Catching Headline (Call the action Statement-CTA)

You only have less than 8 seconds on average to get noticed by your visitors. If you’re using a tempting headline for your readers, they will keep reading further content, lines, paragraphs, etc.

Here are few Headline Writing Tips that really works:

  • Use captivating adjectives: Use words like “Amazing” Shocking” “Stunning” “Sensational” “Perfect” and others to convince readers to read further content.
  • Make a common enemy: Statements like “10 things your physician doesn’t want you to know” will grab the attention of the readers for sure.
  • Be disputed: Find a subject some people are converting and create a bold headline.
  • Be sincere: There is no problem with what your heading is, your text should be matched it.

2. Mention the advantages of your offer

Find out an ordinary issue that people are facing these days and craft the landing page accordingly so it shows as a solution to their problem. Readers have the only concern about the benefits, they don’t care about how much famous your product and company is.

Your task is to satisfy your audience about how your service/product is beneficial to them.

Current buyers know very well about the required features, so your product/service must cover their requirements and pricing that they can afford easily. As a result, it would be very beneficial.

For example, check this statement “Increase your conversion rate by 140%”. Target audience wants a good conversion rate as before are you’re explaining to them perfectly.

3. Be determined

If you’re more specific to your heading, more chances to have the better conversion rate. For example, “Boost conversion rate by 150%” is much attractive than the headline, “See your conversion rate explode.”

Buyers of these days want well-informed headlines, which means you need to be specific and determined.

4. Make a sense of priority/importance/urgency

By using the limited time (urgency) you’ll get incredible results. It is the most useful psychology method being used by the best copywriters.

Famous websites of companies are immensely using this technique:

Ticketmaster: After selecting your seats, Ticketmaster gives you a few minutes to purchase your tickets before you lose the opportunity and someone else gets your tickets; oh no!

Amazon: The online giant effectively uses a number of time-sensitive tactics such as its “Order before xxxx” concept, which tells you to purchase your goods before the date to ensure it arrives before a certain day. It works well for Christmas, Birthday, and Holiday gifts.

Airlines: A number of airlines cleverly use this tactic to prod consumers into action. Ryanair often has an “Only 4 seats left at this price” warning when you research their flights. I have discovered the aforementioned seats are actually cheaper than the original price a few days later on a number of occasions!

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5. Get visitors to act

Call to action (CTA) statement is the most important object of your landing page design which helps visitors to take an action immediately, so you need to make it right.

Button of CTA of your landing page design must be winning, captivating, tempting and easy to see. Use a strong and decisive line to get the attention of your visitor. Words like “Download Now” “Grab it” “Buy now” Purchase Now” “Get a Quote” can be used.

6. Add pivotal, decisive and crucial design elements

A stunning squeeze page should be clean and without any mess. Look at these things to improve your design:

Color: Don’t underrate the psychology of color. Research on your own and choose the best colors for your wordpress landing page design. Select color wisely for your product and add related colors like soft blue and energetic red color if possible.

Whitespace: Good landing page designers know the value of whitespace available on landing page, so do not try to fill every portion of your landing page. Make it clear brought and easy to read.

Graphics: Choose graphics for your landing page wisely that will be helpful in highlighting the problem of your target audience in a very comprehensible way.

Video: Adding a video to your effective landing page will increase the conversion rate by up to 85%. Very few businesses are using this extra-ordinary useful technique.

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Powerful Landing Page = Success of your Company

These landing page design secrets and essencials are very important to follow to be successful in your business. Most of the companies fail to utilize these techniques. Well, if you want to see real change in the conversion of your landing page, these tips can be beneficial for you.

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