7 Best Tips: Optimize Your Ads on Facebook

7 Best Tips: Optimize Your Ads on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook is a sensational way to attract the attention of new customers. Many online retailers are already using them effectively, while others are finding it difficult to increase their turnover. In this article, you’ll learn 7 tips to help you optimize your ads on Facebook.

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Tip 1: Use relevant text

Most effective advertising campaigns have one thing in common: they tell the recipient exactly what to expect or what to do.

  • Watch all products from our sale now!
  • Is your wardrobe ready for spring? Get inspired by our range!
  • Do you already know our new recipes? Discover them now and cook with us!

Take into account that your potential customers have completely different things on your mind than your ad. That’s why you have to attract them from where they are thoughts at the moment, even if they are so far away that they do not quite know what you mean.

Tip # 2: Use the appropriate call to action

On Facebook, you can use different forms of call to action – instead of the usual links placed in the ad necessarily choose the appropriate buttons calling for a specific action.

Even the smallest thing that distracts the recipient’s attention can make it simply scroll down the page and not visit your online store.

If you’re advertising a sale, use the Buy Now button  . When advertising a newsletter or contest with prizes, use the Register button  and if you want potential customers to download something, select the Download button  .

Tip 3: Do not specify a narrow target group

A very specific target group at first seems to be the right choice. Even if this approach often works, too narrow targeting can have disastrous consequences.


Your target group are yoga lovers and you want to sell DVDs for beginners. Your advertising is watched by many yoga enthusiasts, but sales are not growing …

Why is it like that? Many of these people are already at a higher level of advancement and therefore will not buy a DVD for beginners. In this case, it would be better to broaden the targeting and select general topics such as stress control, health and fitness.

Tip 4: Consider mobile users when specifying a target group. But only if the landing page is also adapted to mobile devices

This feeling is familiar to every smartphone owner. Something hits his eye, it clicks at once (maybe it’s your great advertisement). And then there is frustration:

The font is too small, the images are not clear, and the selected page is loading very slowly. Very few users have enough patience and willpower to wade through an online store that is not adapted to mobile devices. The potential purchase does not take effect, and you pay for a blank click.

Now you have two options:

  1. Make sure your online store looks great also on mobile devices (it takes a long time and can cost a lot)
  2. Just do not show your ads to smartphone users and exclude them from the audience (it’s short and saves)

Of course, the first option is more reasonable in the long run, but if you do not want to implement it until the store is modernized, the second option should be enough.

Tip 5: Set the right campaign goal

Facebook wants your ads to work. If the ad will help you earn money, you will continue to invest in it. It’s logical.

For this reason, Facebook also asks you what you want to achieve with your advertising. Ensure conversion, attract attention or initiate interaction?

When you choose your goal, Facebook’s algorithm knows what’s important to you and tries to optimize your ads in this respect. So do not make your life difficult and do not pay more than you have to, just set the right goal for the campaign.

Tip 6: Good practices

To ensure the optimal appearance of your ads in all places, follow these guidelines:

  • The text should consist of approx. 90 characters.
  • The title of the link should be approximately 25 characters long.
  • Keep the aspect ratio of 1.91: 1.
  • Use images with a size of 1200 x 627 pixels.
  • It’s best to use lifestyle photography or attractive product images.
  • Make sure that there are not too many texts in the pictures. It should occupy a maximum of 20% of the graphic area.

Thanks to this, you can be sure that your ads on Facebook look good and display in sufficient resolution on any device – be it on your monitor or smartphone.

Tip 7: Be better than Amazon

When advertising products from your online store, use your advantage in the form of flexibility that you have as the owner of a small store. Instead of directing recipients to a standard product page like Amazon, prepare a special landing page regarding the products being advertised.

Amazon is unbeatable in many ways. However, when it comes to product presentation and emotional marketing, your online store can provide pole position.

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