5 Tips for Real Estate Landing Page that Convert

Real Estate Landing Pages

5 Tips for Real Estate Landing Page that Convert

Real estate landing pages play vital role in buying and selling the properties online. People spend hours and hours searching for a beautiful home where they can live, others want to establish their businesses and help people selling their real estate properties.

What are Real Estate Landing Pages

Real estate landing pages are also called real estate squeeze pages, are simple specific pages which you redirect them to from your real estate ads on Pinterest, Google and Facebook. Once the users clicked on your ads, they will land on your real estate landing pages. To be very honest, our WordPress landing page designs have only clear purpose, to allow the users to provide their contact information.

Landing pages design usually have short, direct, specific, some images, text, pop up box and contact information on it.

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Now a days real estate property values are at its peak. What do real-estate marketers do to make sure that the quality is not compromised stand out from others out there on the internet selling their real-estate properties? It seems daunting to ensure all of your real estate pages are top notch.

Ultimately you will realize that, whether you are a seller or buyer the landing pages are the backbone for selling or buying the real estate properties online. The question at this point is, are your landing pages converting as well as you wanted? Here are few tips on how to buy and sell property online.

TIP #1 Form Design should be Simple and Clean

Simplicity is attractive and key to any business. Studies suggest that people don’t tend to like the designs full of content, which causes confusion and ultimately prevent them from buying something.

To capture attention, the design should be simple, clean and understandable to everyone. When it comes to buying or selling real estate properties, it is unnecessary to read books or hire someone, the design itself says everything whether you are up to generate leads or having people to search for the properties through your landing pages. The pages should be simple, yet attractive and relevant.

TIP #2 Focus on the Showcase Images

That said, “What you can’t see you can’t imagine” is likely true from every perspective for all the businesses. People make decisions and act on the basis of what their eyes see, so don’t distract them with the boring and old-fashioned style.
Create something appealing and eye-catching which represents your property more clearly, it’ will generate revenue as well. Imagery is another important factor in building the high converting real estate landing squeeze pages because as stated above, people tend to act according to what they see.

I would recommend hiring an experienced photographer to take photos of your property and have them on your landing pages, don’t forget to take photos in the real light.

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TIP #3 Be Specific and Direct
Real estate landing pages are the chunk and purely based on trust and transparency. It’s almost daunting to sell real-estate property because of huge competition out there; the only way to increase conversion is to build trust.

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People lose trust when the displayed information is false or misleading, therefore real estate landing pages need to be transparent and direct such as price, location, additional charges, and total area. So one must keep the pages simple and yet attractive, be specific and provide the necessary detail.

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TIP #4 Add a Pop-Up CTA
You may have seen a pop up appears when you visit a website,. it could be in form of a newsletter or email subscription. You may often notice it instantly focuses on the pop-up box and fade the background out.

As pop-ups seem irritating and annoying so it needs to be simple, clean and have the cancel button as well. Pop-ups work really well on the real estate landing pages if your CTA meets their needs the users more likely to provide their information and subscribe to it. The best way to encourage users is to return something in reward for user’s email.

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TIP #5 Insert Testimonials
Words of mouth are an integral part on landing pages, it feels comfortable when users read the happy customers feedback, it’s, and therefore, one of the most effective ways to turn the visitor into a happy customer is to add the testimonials.

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So why not insert the testimonials into your real estate landing pages? It will increase the conversion rate as well as building the trust.

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On a lighter Note

Building real estate landing pages should be your top notch skill so you can drive traffic from the different sources. Since the landing pages help to generate leads and allow users to give their contact information, therefore do not compromise on the quality and look of the pages.

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Take a look at your other realtors, their websites and landing pages. If you are stuck designing the professional real estate landing pages, do not worry, sit tight and let us help you building the real estate landing pages.

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