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Google analytics show that most businesses and companies search for Web Designers and Web development services. In general terms, both terms look almost the similar, but both are unique and different skills, though both are equally necessary processes for building a website and play an important role.

It’s made sure that either the design or development of website standard meets the professional level and fulfills the customer’s needs.

Before that, for many people, it’s important to describe both terms to understand, before going to get the services.

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Web Design & Development Services

web design and development

-Web Design
Web design service refers to the design, website’s layout and other necessary elements of the site which designers build by using different tools such as the Adobe Photoshop for website design

Web designers begin with customer’s website requirements; analyse the objectives and then move on to the design architecture. Web designers can start by creating the rough design, get the customer’s approval and then finally move to the design stage.

There are several design rules followed by web designers to achieve the best results, such as :

Balance: The first thing that web designers need to make sure is that the website’s layout is balanced, the colour scheme ( Dark and light ) should be used in a correct and equal proportion to maintain the design’s quality.

Contrast: Contrast is a colours scheme placed opposite to each other in the colour scheme wheel. Colour contrast makes the design more appealing and attractive. Often designers use contrast sizes, textures and shapes to bring life to the model.

Consistency: Consistency in the web design is a critical and strict strict rule to follow. A designer needs to make sure the navigation and menu are consistent, buttons and other elements must be of same colour and size.

Web Design & Development Services

-Web Development
Once the design is done, the web development takes place. Web developers take the design and make the website working dynamically.

The design alone is a static and nothing without coding.
The web developers use the Programming languages such as PHP HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT to bring the life into the design.

The web developers also called Programmers, take the design and build a fully functioning website. To make it clean simple and attractive, the programmers take the design and split it into different parts such as Header, main content, sidebar, footer.

The either use HTML or more advanced language PHP for dynamic website pages. Often convert PSD to HTML.
Many Web developers go for the more advanced approach such as WordPress which is now used 30% of overall website designs.

Many programmers convert the static pages to a dynamic website by using the images, button, and links to an active state.

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-Final words
Many companies and small businesses looking for the web designer and developers to re-design their existing websites or add more functionalities into it. Some companies have their team of designers and developers out there to provide these services, though professional individual also able to get the job done.

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